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What Is A Real Estate Team?

What Is A Real Estate Team

In Real Estate, like other professions, there are many terms and claims that get tossed around so often that the meaning can get lost. For instance, how many advertisements come to your mailbox with the claim that this particular person is #1?

Perhaps the claim is qualified in some form or fashion, (most often not) but after you see the 45th different realtor boasting of their #1 status it starts to lose its luster. In a similar fashion, you are seeing the term “Team” being affixed to a Realtor’s name more and more. There are many out there and they come in many shapes and sizes but what does saying you’re a “Team” mean? A question that often arises is “How does that work?” The questions continue: Who else is there? More importantly to the consumer, “If I choose to hire a Real Estate team, who looks after me and my needs?

Much like the phrase “We’re number one!!!” Each claim of being a “Team” can be different! You have to do your homework because there is no set standard. Each organization runs differently and you should understand how that works and what that means. Some teams may consist of a Realtor who pays assistants to do a lot of the background work. Others may be huge syndicates of Realtors that work under the umbrella of the main Realtor.

It has always been our belief that when we refer to the Chris Richie Group, the consumer knows who that is. Over the years, from humble beginnings in the year 2001, the “Team” was Chris and Sean. As business carried on the need for more help to service our clients became such that our Team grew. Dale Poremba joined us and then Jennifer Unger and now we grow again with the addition of David Waters and Carmela Gagliese-Scoles! Further to that, we have an experienced and amazing supporting cast in our log home office!

Somewhere along the line, we chose to call ourselves the Richie Group, and maybe its semantics, but on a sports team, let’s say baseball, you have a pitcher and a catcher with pretty much specific dedicated tasks. That’s effective for their situation but Real Estate is not baseball and it requires the ability to play more than one position and to wear many “hats”. Our mindset is that we are a group, that our collective experience and abilities work together to give our clients the best possible outcome. We are passionate about our area, promoting our local business, enjoying all the things that make our area the best place to live in the world (in our opinion!!).

If you are thinking about having someone give you an evaluation or if you are curious about the way our Group operates, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to show you all the things that we bring to the table in order to help you maximize the potential when selling what is for many their most prized asset. But it’s more than that, it’s your home.

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