Shondra De Medeiros


We are a team of dedicated professionals looking to help families live a life of happiness.

Shondra De Medeiros is an ambitious and passionate administrator for The Chris Richie Group, having been with the company for almost 2 years. Shondra grew up in Bolton and currently lives in the area. Shondra is a proud family woman who is married to her loving husband and has two bright daughters – along with two furry canines! 

Despite being relatively new to the real estate industry, her past work experience and creativity have enabled her to bring fresh ideas to the company and help her team grow further. She loves travelling with her family and spending time outdoors with her adoring pets when she’s not at work. 

Shondra is passionate about her job and is determined to make a lasting impression.



What Our Clients Are Saying

Jennifer Unger is fantastic to work with. Very detailed and caring.

Phil was great in offering true advice. Not once did I feel any pressure to buy. His approach was always to protect his clients by offering unbiased information. I would use Phil again 100%