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Born amidst the fishing boats and mountain vistas of Nanaimo B.C. But like many, my parents migrated east to Toronto in search of work and to re-connect with family that was originally centred in the Windsor/Leamington area of Ontario. School years were spent in North York, until a job transfer moved the Anderson’s: mom, dad, myself, and my 14 yrs younger twin sisters to the ‘D’ section of Bramalea.

But my fondest memories growing up were of summers with grandma and grandpa at their bungalow on the shore of Lake Erie.  Every summer into the late teens was spent there, canoeing, hiking thru Point Pelee, or cruising with grandpa through the vast cornfields on the dirt roads in his convertible MG! Life felt so much more enjoyable, time went just a little slower, and people were much friendlier than what I was accustomed to in Toronto.  The craze led me to a company I believed had a great future.

They were doing moving panoramic pictures of homes to assist in the sale of real estate.  I thought it was an idea that would be a great value and I became one of the original photographers to shoot virtual tours in Canada. My territory ran from Mississauga/Brampton/Caledon/Erin/Mono/Shelburne and as far as Dundalk! That was when I fell in love with Caledon!

Driving through the hills and valleys of the escarpment, or winding through the Forks of the Credit Rd., brought back my memories of summers in the country with family and I knew I had found where I was supposed to be!

At the time RE/MAX being the forward-thinking company and leader that it continues to be, ordered 25,000 virtual tours for its agents to use in the promotion of listings.  As one can imagine I met hundreds of agents!  At the same time, I began working part-time for a friend at his new home sales office in the south hill of Bolton.  I was enjoying the excitement people had when purchasing their homes! And also enjoyed seeing the diverse homes and properties that only the Caledon area had to offer!  And so it seemed clear, I needed to combine those two areas of enjoyment.

After some thought, a new career seemed to be the answer, and I obtained my Real Estate License.   But now what? How to start?  One thing I truly believe is that when you want to learn anything or to achieve a goal, the best model or mentor is someone that has already done it but done it with integrity, hard work, and a solid reputation.  Out of the hundreds of Realtors, Chris Richie turned out to be everything a mentor could have been and more.  It’s been 21 years and during that time Re/Max In The Hills and ‘The Richie Group’ have evolved into something even greater than I think Chris had envisioned! It’s funny to think I have known Chris longer than my amazing wife Corina, a primary school teacher and the best mom in the world to our 2 girls! We are blessed!

That same appreciation is felt for the community and people of Caledon and RE/MAX In The Hills!  Without you, I would not be where I am today!  Doing a job I love that introduces others to the joys of this place that I love called Caledon!!!!

With the passion that we have for what we do and where we do it, ‘The Richie Group’ continues to be a leader in Caledon and the surrounding area.  When it’s your time to make one of the most important decisions of buying or selling your home…call us, it’s what we do and what we have done with integrity, honesty, and passion for years.

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    Jennifer Unger is fantastic to work with. Very detailed and caring.

    Phil was great in offering true advice. Not once did I feel any pressure to buy. His approach was always to protect his clients by offering unbiased information. I would use Phil again 100%