Chris P Richie, Broker of Record

Out of the dust of the defunct market of 1989 came this unknown person that started sending flyers out in your area. You saw more signs of his, both listed and sold, and before you knew it, “he is everywhere”. That may be your best recollection of where you first heard of Chris P. Richie, but believe it or not, there was a Chris Richie before that!

As the youngest child of 6, Chris was raised in a family business north of Sault Ste. Marie, at the foot of Lake Superior. He graduated from cutting grass, cleaning cabins and pumping gas to waiting on customers in the store and restaurant, of course all family run. From the earliest days his parents instilled in him the basics of customer service and the time tested rule that the customer was always right.

From the family business, Chris moved on to the retail world with Peoples Jewelers. He went on record as the youngest man to run one of their Mappins Jewelers stores. Bigger stores awaited in Southern Ontario with Brampton, Square One and eventually Burlington, the company’s flagship store…being run by this kid from Northern Ontario!

At the age of 30, Chris made the decision to shift gears, despite his Dad’s concern, and enter the Real Estate Market, thus giving up the security of 14 years with Peoples Jewelers.

The early years in the business saw him selling homes in Brampton which quickly got mundane and repetitive. His country roots brought him to loving the complexity and diversity of working in Caledon and surrounding area and it quickly became his passion. After working in a couple of smaller firms, Chris Joined a large RE/MAX organization in Brampton and quickly made Caledon his focus.

After several years there he took over a store front location in Caledon East and put it on the map. Building it to 11 Realtors plus administrative staff the office was quickly recognized as being a dominant force in the area.

By 2006, Chris was looking for the next growth spurt for his personal sales and could not see managing so many people plus focusing on higher things. As a result, he sold that location to a RE/MAX office in Mississauga in order that the Realtors in the office saw little change or upset. With every expectation of opening a private name office, RE/MAX Ontario Atlantic stepped in and offered to allow him to stay with RE/MAX. RE/MAX OA did not want to lose Chris and the business that he brought to the table, let alone have him as competition!

Chris, and then assistant Sean Anderson, opened an office on the 2nd floor of the same building and kept the, now well known, name RE/MAX In The Hills. This is unheard of and is the only situation in Canada that has two independently owned RE/MAX’s in the same building and only the second in Canada in the same area.

Well the growth strategy worked and before long Chris and Sean teamed up with two others to become the strongest foursome in the Caledon market. With three support staff, who are always kept hopping, ‘THE RICHIE GROUP’ was formed and has become the force in Rural Caledon Real Estate.

 So, the next time you think you are calling the “big wig Realtor” in your area, to help sell your property or buy a new one, remember you are also getting the “Small Town Batchawana Bay Boy”. One thing Chris states he learned long ago is how to put the needs of his clients first, and still stand by what Mom and Dad taught him as a child. The good principles, work ethic and customer know how have made him the successful Broker he is today.

Executive Club – 2006, 2007, 2009

100% Club – 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Sean Anderson, Broker

From Coast to Coast

Born amidst the fishing boats and mountain vistas of Nanaimo B.C. But like many, my parents migrated east to Toronto in search of work and to re-connect with family that was originally centred in the Windsor/Leamington area of Ontario. School years were spent in North York, until a job transfer moved the Anderson's: mom, dad, myself, and my 14 yrs younger twin sisters to the ‘D’ section of Bramalea.

But my fondest memories growing up were of summers with grandma and grandpa at their bungalow on the shore of Lake Erie.  Every summer into the late teens was spent there, canoeing, hiking thru Point Pelee, or cruising with grandpa through the vast cornfields on the dirt roads in his convertible MG! Life felt so much more enjoyable, time went just a little slower, and people were much friendlier than what I was accustomed to in Toronto.  The Dot.com craze led me to a company I believed had a great future.

They were doing moving panoramic pictures of homes to assist in the sale of real estate.  I thought it was an idea that would be a great value and I became one of the original photographers to shoot virtual tours in Canada. My territory ran from Mississauga/Brampton/Caledon/Erin/Mono/Shelburne and as far as Dundalk! That was when I fell in love with Caledon!

Driving through the hills and valleys of the escarpment, or winding through the Forks of the Credit Rd., brought back my memories of summers in the country with family and I knew I had found where I was supposed to be!

At the time RE/MAX being the forward thinking company and leader that it continues to be, ordered 25,000 virtual tours for their agents to use in promotion of listings.  As one can imagine I met hundreds of agents!  At the same time I began working part-time for a friend at his new home sales office in the south hill of Bolton.  I was enjoying the excitement people had when purchasing their home! And also enjoyed seeing the diverse homes and property that only the Caledon area had to offer!  And so it seemed clear, I needed to combine those two areas of enjoyment.

After some thought a new career seemed to be the answer, and I obtained my Real Estate License.   But now what? How to start?  One thing I truly believe is that when you want to learn anything or to achieve a goal, the best model or mentor is someone that has already done it, but done it with integrity, hard work, and a solid reputation.  Out of the hundreds of Realtors, Chris Richie turned out to be everything a mentor could have been and more.  It’s been 10 years and during that time Re/Max In The Hills and ‘The Richie Group’ has evolved into something even greater than I think Chris had envisioned!  It’s funny to think that I've known Chris longer than my wife Corina! As a primary school teacher she keeps me in check by giving me plenty of Honeydo lists! But recently she gave me the most precious of gifts, and I am now a Daddy to Lillian Rose Anderson!!!  We are so excited and lucky to be so blessed!

That same appreciation is felt for the community and people of Caledon and RE/MAX In The Hills!  Without you, I would not be where I am today!  Doing a job I love that introduces others to the joys of this place that I love called Caledon!!!!

With the passion that we have for what we do and where we do it, ‘The Richie Group’ continues to be a leader in Caledon and the surrounding area.  When it’s your time to make one of the most important decisions of buying or selling your home...call us, it’s what we do and what we have done with integrity, honesty, and passion for years.

Executive Club – 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016

100% Club – 2006, 2007, 2010, 2013

Dale Poremba, Sales Representative

Dale is a local girl, born and raised in the hills of Caledon, and currently resides in Caledon East with her husband and three children. Her boundless energy, charm and unparalleled knowledge of Caledon and the surrounding area make her a very welcomed addition.

Dale’s business background includes creating and managing a graphics design company together with her husband, Ed, and many years of sales experience.

Her extracurricular activities include spending time with her family and friends at her Muskoka cottage, puttering around her home and garden, and the occasional solitary horse ride.

Since people are her passion, she decided to focus on a real estate career which enables her to interact constantly with her new “friends”.

Dale is a firm believer in getting to know her clients, listening to their wants, needs and desires and then helping them find that perfect property. With her perseverance, knowledge of the industry and area, and unwavering ethics, Dale has helped countless people with what could possibly be the biggest purchase of their lives…a new home!

Dale is a breath of fresh air in what can be a very intimidating world; she’d love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your future plans.

Jennifer (Jen) Unger, Sales Representative

Born and raised on a horse farm in Caledon East, Jennifer (Jen) has been in the midst of local change as Peel Region has evolved to more urban communities. Once a landscape of cattle, crops and horses, and many more dirt roads, she has seen the demand for homes and properties become more limited in availability and more specific in requirements.

Jen attended high school at Humberview in Bolton, while at the same time racing a stable of Standardbred horses. This led to a role with an industry group introducing selected kids to caring for, and driving, a retired racehorse in an exhibition race. So successful was this, that an adult version was also created and implemented.

Her background eventually led to becoming a racing steward (judge) at Ontario racetracks, but significant changes in the industry changed her career direction.

During this time, she could not ignore the changes in the real estate market, having bought and sold several times herself. She has also seen local developments encroach on her family’s farm, and the impact and limitations of environmental groups such as Oak Ridges Moraine, NEC, OMB, municipal and regional official plans. 

Always loving to view country property, especially farms, she is excited about getting out, walking the land and talking horses!

Jen is thrilled to be working for The Richie Group—RE/MAX In The Hills Inc., where she stays current on ‘the buzz’, and is surrounded by people who are experts in the area. She is especially thrilled to be working in the area she has always called home!

In her free time, Jen loves to ride her retired Standardbreds in the back fields of her family farm, cycle along the Caledon Trail, and finish off the day with a good book!

Executive Club 2016

David Waters, Sales Representative

When you ask David Waters how he’s doing, he rarely says, “Fine” or even “Great”… his normal answer is, “Olympic”.  And that pretty much sums up the kind of person David is:  positive, optimistic and full of energy.

David grew up in Toronto with two older siblings. He has always had an amazing work ethic, starting with his boyhood paper route, right through his teenage job at a banquet hall, and then into his first full time job with a technology company. David worked there for ten years, travelling throughout North America installing, testing and trouble-shooting their products, as well as doing project management. After a decade though, David decided it was time to pursue his real passion…Real Estate. This is a guy who used to go to open houses on the weekends just for fun, because he just loves seeing homes. He became a Realtor in 2007, and has been helping people ever since, growing a large following of satisfied and devoted clients, many of whom have been repeat clients and referred friends and relatives. His objective in any interaction is to make people feel heard and valued, and to be sure his clients get personalized attention, honest advice, and the best service he can possibly give. David loves meeting new people, and his job gives him the opportunity to do this every day.

When he isn’t helping his clients, you can find David running on the trails or the roads. He has completed several marathons, and in the fall of 2020 was able to add an ultra-marathon (a run even longer than a marathon, in his case a full 50 MILES!) to his running resume. David has lived in the Orangeville area with his wife Julie and daughter Katie for 14 years, and has grown to love Dufferin County, Caledon, and the surrounding areas. He is thrilled that his friendship of over 30 years with Sean Anderson has finally turned into an opportunity for them to work together again, just like they did at the banquet hall all those years ago. He can’t wait to offer his special expertise and enthusiasm to all the Re/Max In The Hills clients.

Carmela Gagliese-Scoles, Licensed Assistant

Raised on a hobby farm in Caledon East from the age of 4, Carmela attended elementary school at Herb Campbell Public School and high school at Mayfield Secondary School (it became the School of the Arts when she was in grade 10).

Her background in the community is a very interesting one.  In 1995 while attending York University her family opened Mayfield Garden Centre on Mayfield Road which they ran until 2014.  After working at the garden centre until 2003 Carmela decided it was time to venture out on her own and practice her entrepreneur skills that she learned from her family. She opened up a flower shop in Caledon East on Airport Road happily named Hummingbird Flowers and Gifts.   

After getting married to a local Palgrave boy in 1999, whose family has run Scoles Septic in Caledon since 1970, they had 3 wonderful children (John, Joseph and Micaela).  In 2015 Carmela decided it was time to hang up her florist apron and move on to something new, that is when real estate came knocking at her door in the form of Chris P. Richie.  He had heard that she was looking for something new and he offered her a job at Re/Max In The Hills Inc. She happily accepted the part-time offer because she had always been interested in real estate as her parents had purchased many properties over the years and she herself dabbled in real estate investing. In 2017 she became a full-time employee and in September 2020, she completed her Real Estate Program and is now a registered Sales Representative at Re/Max In The Hills Inc.

Carmela is a people person who can have a conversation with anyone while making them feel completely comfortable around her. Since people are her passion, she decided to focus on a real estate career which enables her to interact constantly with local people, friends and her former flower shop customers. She is thrilled to be working for The Richie Group—RE/MAX In The Hills Inc. She is especially thrilled to be working in the area she has always called her home town!

Diane Doyle, Administration

Diane always answers your calls in a friendly and professional manner, she brings with her more than 25 years of Real Estate experience, having worked in a busy Mississauga office. Her organization and multi-tasking skills make her an asset to the Team.

Diane was born and raised in Georgetown and has lived in Caledon East for 25 years with her husband Dave and Sophie (the furbaby).

In her ‘off time’ she enjoys visiting her grandchildren in Saskatchewan when she can and spending time with her newst grandaughter who lives close by and visiting & riding her horse ‘Sammy’.