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Giving Back to Our Community

Caledon Community Services

As an integral part of the community, The Chris Richie Group understands the importance of community involvement. That’s why we are proud to announce that we have donated $500 to the Caledon Community Services, an organization that is committed to building a better Caledon together with its residents.

We believe that making real and meaningful contributions to the quality of health, jobs, and life for residents of every age is vital to maintaining a thriving community. Our philosophy has always been that you can’t survive without community, and we strive to be helpful in any way we can to ensure that our clients and community members find the support they need.

We know that connection is key to building lasting relationships, and we are committed to providing services that help keep families connected in our community and beyond.

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To learn more about Caledon Community Services, please click here.

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