Moving Checklist

Moving isn’t an easy task. Before you start packing, make sure to complete this checklist so that your day goes as smoothly and quickly as possible!

Moving Checklist

More Than A Month Before The Move

  • Start a moving expenses book. Some of your expenses may be tax-deductible, so be sure to save receipts.
  • Get Written estimates from at least two moving companies and make sure the movers know all the items which are to be included. Do not include jewelry or other small valuables.
  • Movers insurance is usually minimal. Check that the movers’ insurance will pay replacement cost of goods, which are lost. You may need to purchase additional coverage.

2 Weeks Before The Move

  • Take a good look at what is worth taking and what is not. Be ruthless.
  • Clean out club and school lockers.
  • Arrange for the changeover of utilities, including telephone.
  • Book freight elevator if you are moving in or out of a condominium or apartment.
  • Make a floor plan of the new house I condominium and plan where everything will go. Don’t guess take
  • Start packing.

2 Days Before The Move

  • This is your last day to pack.
  • Do your list laundry.
  • Disconnect, defrost and air dry the fridge.
  • Protect delicate furniture with a thick coat of wax.
  • Double-check that all valuables have been accounted for.

1 Day Before The Move

  • Lead packers around the house and make sure they understand all of your instructions.
  • Make sure you have gathered together all keys for the home for the new owners.
  • Pack all of the items that you will take with you personally. Mark them” Do Not Load – For Car”. It would be better if these were out of the house before the movers came in.

Moving Out

  • Lay down plastic sheets to minimize dirt in the house.
  • Lead the packers around the house again and make sure they understand all of your instructions.
  • Do a final check for forgotten items.
  • Check inventory for numbers of boxes – break down room by room.
  • Check mover Bill of Lading against your inventory.
  • Clearly label and leave all of the spare keys, and the code for the security system if you have one, inside the house/condominium unless otherwise arranged.

Moving In

  • Get to the house I Condominium before the movers. Arrange to take milk, bread, coffee, tea, etc. with you. It will be a long day.
  • Lay down Plastic sheets to minimize dirt in the house/condominium.
  • Hang up curtains if possible.
  • Find your floor plan and give copies to the movers. When your goods arrive, look at each item carefully as it is put in place and check off your inventory.
  • Note any damage. You won’t be able to check goods, which have not been unpacked so above your signature of the Bill of Lading, write” subject to loss or hidden damage”.
  • First priorities will be in the children’s rooms. TV or radio, and a basic kitchen.
  • Seeing as you have not yet unpacked, go out and have a nice dinner. You deserve it!